Saturday, November 28, 2020

December Plans

 As you know, it is traditional here at Duck Comics Revue to do some Christmas-themed material in December. I know I theoretically have a few more Yellow Beak stories to do, and I may get to them at some point, but I'm not gonna lie to you: Yellow Beak is an extremely boring character and I am extremely bored of him. Which is a shame, since the last couple of stories are in theory the most interesting, but there you go. I may get to them in time, but that time is not this time.

Anyway, I was sort of feeling a quandary this year: I've really covered, like, most of the good Christmas stories. Sure, there are a few that would be worth looking at, and the fact that I haven't written about a story does not imply that I'm not interested in it (...okay, obviously it does imply that. But I am here to tell you it's untrue!). But the principle is the same, which is that we're sort of scraping the bottom a bit. There are certainly some bad Christmas stories left to cover, but do we really want to associate Christmas exclusively with horrible dreck? Eh, probably not.

Do we need to exclusively cover Christmas stories, however? One of the first big Christmas projects I did--still the biggest, probably--was the Life & Times marathon, so there's nothing wrong with just doing something both big and FUN, even if it's not exactly Christmasy. With that in mind, Jon Gray recently politely requested that I write about something he had worked on. I had had the idea for some time that it would be good to do "Scrooge's Last Adventure," so long story short, that's what we'll be doing. One entry every week or so starting at the beginning of December and leading up to Christmas. Please enjoy it.

"But wait!" I hear you cry. "I don't want to read about good stories that are unrelated to Christmas! I want to read about horrendous garbage that is related to Christmas!" It's a common sentiment, for sure, and rejoice, because I've got you covered! Interspersed among the "SLA" entries, we will be looking at some stories from here

You know they're going to be bad, but I must warn you: they're generally both somewhat less awful and significantly less interesting than the Western stuff I covered two years back, so adjust your expectations accordingly. Still, hopefully jollity will ensue. I DEMAND JOLLITY, DAMMIT!