Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"The Seven Dwarfs and the Pirate"

You thought the next entry would be about an interesting story? Ha! HA, I say! MORE FOOL YOU! It's time for the Yellow Beak/Seven Dwarfs crossover! SUFFER, HUMANS! I will give you my word of honor on one thing, though: I will NOT be covering any damn Peter Pan story featuring the character. I mean, there's precedent for me writing about Seven Dwarfs stories on this blog, and whether or not they're any good, at least they're spun off from a movie I like. Whereas I detest Disney's Peter Pan very intensely, so...yech! No good!

Hey, nice cover, though. By Carl Buettner, allegedly, sez inducks. I will say that although no, this story isn't any kind of lost classic or anything, it does have enough weird stuff to be worth gawking at for at least a bit. Read on!

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Sunday, September 20, 2020

"Donald Duck and the Pirates"

Can I just start by noting for the record that Blogger is now forcing on us this horrendous new interface that has all kinds of weird formatting bugs and makes me spend at least twice as long arranging images?  It's just such a classic bit of corporate stupidity: take something that works perfectly well and "fix" it to make it much less usable while providing no benefits that I can see.  It might be meant to work better on ios and android, but what kind of psychopath blogs from a tablet?  Good lord.  Does Wordpress work any better?

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

"Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold"

There's an extent to which this is little more than a moderately interesting trivia question, really: Yes! It IS notable as the first long-form Donald Duck comic story created in the US!  Not, as Geoffrey Blum's article in DD 250 claims, the first one period--but hey, who the heck in the US knew anything about Federico Pedrocchi in 1986?  I feel like even people in Italy barely do today. Anyway, you can say, with obvious justification, that those prehistoric comics, though fascinating, were kind of an evolutionary dead end.

And yes! It IS the first duck story Carl Barks worked on, although let's not get too excited: sure, he drew about half of it, with Jack Hannah doing the rest. But it's not like it has That Carl Barks Touch: they were just making the storyboards for an abandoned cartoon into comic panels, with no embellishment. And given that you can't tell which are by Barks and which Hannah without checking (well, if YOU can, you've a more sensitive eye than me), it's hard to think that Barks' contribution is exactly vital. Still! He did do it! It IS, in some sense, where it all started! And you can say, at least: well, it was his work here that caused the editors to entrust him with more creative work. So you can't understate its importance in that regard.

Still, you will note that these are extrinsic factors. There are enough of them that anyone wanting to write about this story can do so without really getting into what the thing itself is actually like--and they do.  So let's actually think about the story, albeit in a flippant and whimsical way.
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