Friday, April 12, 2019

"The Last Voyage of Ringtail Van Dukke"

Okay! Time to talk about a fellow you may know called Ringtail! Or, you may not. But you probably do! What am I even saying? I don't know. I'm starting here because, let's face it, it's easy. Here's an easily-accessible story that I've read a few times before and is also kind of short. This had actually been on my radar to write about for some time, but obviously, I never did. Was that because I couldn't really come up with enough worthwhile to say about it? Well, we'll do our best here and now.
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Monday, April 1, 2019

Ten Years of Duck Comics Revue


I know I haven't been posting much lately. You know how it goes. Also, it "goes" especially right now, what with me having recently gotten a teaching job in China, and been rather stressed out lately about this that and the other. Still, I did not let this anniversary go by unremarked, notwithstanding the fact that, as I've noted more than once, I actually started writing about ducks on my regular blog somewhat before I started this one (I believe this post is where it all started--it's sort of surprising to me that it took me less than a month to decided to devote a whole blog to it), but...still. Here we are. That's a dang long time. And, I mean, I'm not planning on giving it up, even if I'm becoming a bit more sporadic. It's still fun to write about anthropomorphic waterfowl now and again.

So we're going to do something a little bit special on this anniversary: I may regret this, but here it is: I'll write about whatever stories the first five commenters tell me about. Can't guarantee a timeframe, but I'll do my best. And if you choose something super-obscure that I can't call to hand, I will laugh at you (but whom am I kidding, you're all just going to choose Barks and Rosa. Prove me wrong!). Void where prohibited; prohibited where void.