Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ducks in stress dreams

Not that I feel particularly stressed lately, but the fact remains, last night I had a pretty unpleasant dream where for reasons that aren't particularly clear, I wanted my students to spend a class period reading duck comics. Of course. Only I wasn't exactly prepared. I had a big stack of comics, and I was attempting to photocopy them to hand out while class was going on (specifically, I was trying to photocopy Rosa's "Return to Xanadu," although I think the idea was that I'd ultimately copy a variety of them) and running into all kinds of technical problems and feeling very self-conscious, especially since there was some kid--not the same as any acutal kids I'm teaching--who, perhaps embodying my inner doubts about the value of this exercise, was sitting at the table asleep and who, when woken up, loudly complained about how he was sleeping because this activity was so stupid. Screw you, dream kid! Duck comics are valuable! Even if I have no idea how I'd actually "teach" them!


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