Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don Rosa's Sexy Ducks

One rather amusing thing about Don Rosa's work as compared to Barks': substantially more sex appeal. That is, if you find anthropomorphic ducks sexually appealing. Which I...don't. Yes. That's the ticket. Nonetheless, here's a pictorial guide.

Magica de Spell looks more or less the same regardless of which artist is drawing her--or so you might think. But when you look at the two side by side, it becomes clear that Rosa's rendition is curvier, has a sexier dress and--most obviously--visible cleavage.

Daisy has always been the least interesting duck mainstay, and neither Barks nor Rosa have really done much with her. Still, you'd never have seen Barks draw her with this sort of come-hither look:

This has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but let's all take a moment to simultaneously laugh and cringe at this bit from an early Barks story:

But the most obvious illustration of what I'm talking about comes in the depiction of Glittering Goldie. The character was *designed* to be a sexpot, so you see Barks doing as much as he would ever do to get that idea across. But...well, I don't suppose any commentary on my part is necessary:

Even better is their comparative depictions of present-day Goldie. Barks' version is simply *old*: she's frail and withered. Rosa's, on the other hand, still looks pretty hot to trot:

Can we get a gratuitous close-up picture of her looking extra-seductive? We can? Great:

Yowza. Definitely more milfish than matronly. You could certainly argue that this dramatic change in appearance is down to the fact that, after her unexpected windfall in Barks' story, she's living a much easier life in Rosa's. It's only natural that she would look better. Yeah. You could say that. I'm not sure who you'd think you were fooling, though. I think Occam's Razor applies here: Don Rosa just plain likes drawing sexy ducks! And I ask you: who among us can't relate to that?



Blogger JuhoS87 said...

I believe Carl Barks would've drawn his lady ducks curvier and with a visible cleavage if it would've been okay with Disney.

Here is a good example of non-Disney Barks ducks:

March 23, 2020 at 2:53 PM  

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