Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All due credit to Boom...

Somehow, instead of US404, they originally sent me another copy of US400. Hey, I told them, and not only did they quickly send me a replacement copy (without any having to mess around with returns), they also threw in a free copy of the "Mysterious Stone Ray"/"Cash Flow" one-shot. That's pretty classy.
...but alas, is this to be the last issue of Uncle Scrooge ever? My sorrow runs both wide and deep. ARGH IF ONLY GEMSTONE COULD HAVE KEPT GOING. Gah!

Hmm. Guess it was kind of inevitable that this post would segue into something like that. But hey, never mind that! Boom did me right! Which they're unlikely to ever have the opportunity to go again, but still...okay, I'm done here.


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