Saturday, April 2, 2011

Consumer Advisory

Man, I was all set to praise Boom's Feathers of Fury TPB, which collects the martial-arts-themed stories from DD 359-362. Not so much for the stories themselves--which could charitably be characterized as "motley"--but for the fact that the company was kind enough to include a cover gallery in the back, which they hadn't been of late. Okay okay, it's not that impressive, given that there were (thankfully) no cover variants, meaning that we're just talking about four images, but hey--baby steps.
But nooooo...Boom had to half-ass it in a whole different way by leaving out the final page of "Donald Duck Tsunami." Mind you, "Tsunami" is one of the worst duck stories I've ever read, and the last page certainly doesn't redeem it (if anything, it makes things worse--see below), but that doesn't make this any less embarrassing. Serious bit of lameness there, Boomers. Here, for the record, is the missing page:

Here's how the story "ends" with the last page missing:

Not to make excuses for Boom--who definitely fucked up here--but I actually pretty strongly prefer this. The "real" ending is just a lame gag, whereas this way, the indeterminate nature of the non-ending emphasizes Donald's existential doubt, adding a small frisson of tension to an otherwise entirely limp story. Was this intentional on Boom's part? No. But still.


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